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The real estate selection consists of a diverse mix of detached, single-family homes in suburban neighborhoods and planned or gated communities, condominiums and townhouses, investment properties near college campuses, plus undeveloped rural land. Whether you're in the market for a modern family home on a small, low-maintenance lot or an expansive home situated on a secluded piece of acreage, you can certainly find it here.

Home prices reflect the diversity of the selection, ranging from the mid-$200,000s to $1 million or more. In La Center, the Southview Heights, Hanna's Farm and Lockweed Creek Park neighborhoods offer quarter-acre lots with two-story family homes in the $500,000s. Ridgefield's Hillhurst and Taverner Ridge neighborhoods have similar offerings. Many properties, large and small, feature a scenic view of hills, mountain peaks or nearby waterways.

If you're on a tight budget, a condominium or townhouse is a great option; these units are usually priced below $600,000. Waterfront properties and ranch homes are also available for purchase. Lastly, the selection of undeveloped residential land is extensive. Lots range in price according to size and location.
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Ridgefield Community & Real Estate Information in Washington

Ridgefield, Felida and La Center, Washington, are defined by a pleasant atmosphere and gorgeous, rolling countryside. These three small-town communities are poised for prosperous growth on the strength of their history, lifestyle and physical beauty. Ridgefield in particular is historically significant for its ties to the Cathlapotle tribe and the Lewis and Clark Expedition in the early 1800s. Just 60 years after Lewis and Clark discovered the region, both Ridgefield and La Center had grown into important trading centers of the Northwest. The continued development of railroads and highways in the 20th century, however, shifted economic activities to other areas. Instead of developing into economic powerhouses they became quaint and scenic residential communities—places that attract property buyers who appreciate being outside the big city.

The combined population is about 12,600, which is small enough for sincere, neighborly relationships and a prevailing sense of community. As a resident of you can expect to enjoy seasonal festivals and community events with family and friends. La Center also provides entertainment options, including casinos. You can also expect to spend your free time enjoying the great outdoors—that's because Ridgefield's most famous feature is the National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is 5,217 acres of wetlands and agricultural lands; it also contains the original Cathlapotle townsite, which was discovered by Lewis and Clark in 1806.

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